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How to Resume Download From MediaFire

*In English Version:

Trick to resume the interrupted [disconnected] file download from Mediafire, you need IDM [any version] and Firefox browser as the default browser.

The way is, right click the file link that you want to resume and select the refresh download address, that will open the default browser (Firefox) and when the links from MediaFire has been prepared on the download, open the option on the tools and select the option of individual privacy and remove cookies or remove all but my recommend to remove all then click close and refresh the page address that had been newly opened.

Copy and paste the link address that has been successful in the open in the download section to add url at IDM that was going on and click resume download resume.

Congratulations you do not have to start from scratch to download a file that has been lost.

This way I have proved many times thats why I prefer Mediafire and IDWS than the other servers for download.

Download unlimited without any restriction and fear can not resume because something or another.

We hope thats can help and add your insight.

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* In Indonesia Version:

Trik untuk melanjutkan file download yang terputus dari Mediafire, yang anda butuhkan adalah IDM [versi apa saja] dan firefox browser sebagai browser default.

Adapun caranya adalah klik kanan link file yang ingin di resume dan pilih refresh download address, default browser akan terbuka (firefox) dan ketika link dari Mediafire telah siap di download buka option pada tools dan pilih option privacy dan remove individual cookies atau remove all tapi saya sarankan untuk remove all klik close dan refresh address page yang tadi baru terbuka.

Copy paste alamat link yang sudah berhasil di buka di bagian download ke add Url nya IDM yang tadi mau di resume dan klik resume download.

Selamat anda tidak perlu memulai dari awal mendownload file yang sudah terputus.

Cara ini sudah saya buktikan berkali-kali makanya saya lebih menyukai Mediafire dan IDWS ketimbang server download yang lainnya.

Download sepuasnya tanpa ada batasan dan takut tidak bisa di resume karena sesuatu dan lain hal.

Semoga membantu serta menambah wawasan anda.

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